Welcome to Luminate

An Aesthetic & Preventative Medicine Clinic

Welcome to Luminate

An Aesthetic & Preventative Medicine Clinic

Who we are

Women Owned

 We are a Nurse Practitioner owned and operated, hyper focused anti-aging practice. 

Patient Centered

Patients have a trusted, personal relationship with their provider, through information, communication and education.

Results Driven

Only offer services that reflect our highest standard of care. These services are administered with the highest degree of safety and expertise, by a licensed and certified professional. 

What we do


Hormone Replacement

Bio-identical Hormones (BHRT) is a method of providing specific hormones, which often involves combinations of hormones, in the exact dosages required to meet a patient’s uniquely individual needs. Bio-identical Hormones Tulsa is offered through membership only. 

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Cosmetic Injectables

Facial wrinkles and lines can be reduced with cosmetic injections into the skin. The two main types of injectables used are botox, which relaxes the facial muscles that cause the lines, and dermal fillers, which plump out the wrinkle to restore a more youthful appearance.

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Skin Rejuvenation

Most skin rejuvenation options work by causing mild injury to the skin. The body immediately starts to repair the injury by replacing the injured skin with new skin. Treatments with chemical peels, microneedling, PRP, PDO threads and laser all result in collagen induction that continues for months after treatment.

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